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    The disease of addiction is a relentless foe. It ruins lives, shatters families and crushes dreams. For years, the Jewish community was reluctant to admit that addiction even existed among Jews. The painful truth, though, is that Jews are as susceptible to addiction as anyone. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to finding a solution.Donate Now

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The Jewish Recovery Center is as a key resource for Jewish addicts in recovery, their families and the recovering Jewish community in Palm Beach County. Located in the ‘Mecca for Recovery’ for the United States, the JRC has close working relationships with leading programs and addiction experts, providing a vital link for those seeking treatment in south Florida.  We offer referrals, screenings and emergency placement for detox, as well as aftercare management including our sober house for those completing in-patient treatment.

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The Delusion of Rationalization.

The Torah says that the generation of the Flood was destroyed because it was corrupt. The term the Torah uses for “corrupt” is chamas. The Talmud definition of chamas is taking something from another person by force, but paying for it. This is a type of thievery which a person may justify because, “I paid him for it.” It is thievery nevertheless because the person did not want to sell it.

An ordinary thief may do teshuva because his conscience may bother him. A chamas thief will never do teshuva because he rationalizes his behavior and thinks he did no wrong. The generation of the Flood rationalized all their wrongful acts, hence they were beyond teshuva and had to be destroyed.

We have extraordinary ability to rationalize. We must be on our guard that we do not delude ourselves.

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