Placement Services And Crisis Intervention

sad_man-300x199Addiction does not discriminate. Rich and poor, young and old are subject to its devastating effects. If you or a loved one are in trouble and you don’t know where to turn, we can help. The Jewish Recovery Center, while not a drug treatment center, has built an extensive referral network with top addiction experts. Whether the situation requires in-patient, spiritual counseling, after-care management or emergency treatment, the JRC will put you in touch with the right agencies and individuals. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Parents, Rabbis and shluchim from the US and abroad can access our resources and guidance when making a placement decision. Deciding where to send a family member, significant other, or even yourself, can be overwhelming when challenged by emotions and distance. The JRC is here to offer a confidential assessment over the phone or in person and assist you with all the details.

The JRC also offers recovering addicts, and their families, an extra level of support to navigate the transitional period from treatment setting to daily life. This fragile period in the recovery process, if not handled properly, can reverse all the achievements accomplished during treatment. We can help safeguard those at risk while they reside at our sober house and access after care management.

As Rabbi Kessler serves as chaplain to many treatment facilities, he is often able to intervene when a family member is struggling with relapse, or maybe facing legal consequences and possibly incarceration in south Florida.

The Jewish Recovery Center is a well-connected organization specializing in matching Jewish addicts with the best possible treatment programs, respecting the nuance of each individual and their families. We are a phone call away, (561) 299-1854 or