Shabbat & Holiday Programs


Sun Sentinel - May 30, 2008(click to view)

Sun Sentinel – May 30, 2008
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Every Friday night, JRC Director Rabbi Meir and Frumi Kessler welcomes the recovery community to enjoy a real Shabbos meal at the community center of Chabad of Boca Raton.  An evening to savor the delicious food and feed your soul, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the recovering person to tap into their spirituality and reconnect with their heritage. Being part of a beautiful and meaningful experience encourages strong ties to the sober Jewish community. Each week the JRC celebrates the sober Jewish lifestyle with our very popular Friday night Shabbos dinner. Attracting nearly 100 attendees, from treatment program residents to individuals successful in long term recovery and their families, the Jewish Recovery Center’s Shabbos dinner has become a highly regarded destination for recovering Jews in South Florida.  Held in Chabad of Boca Raton’s spacious dinning hall with Glatt Kosher cuisine catered by The Grove Kosher Market, the room fans out into banquet seating to create a festive atmosphere. During the holidays, JRC events are expanded to welcome the two hundred plus participants with special meals, readings and prayers.

shabbat1-150x150Director Rabbi Meir Kessler conducts the Friday service, blending weekly Torah readings into a 12-step recovery theme, calling upon the audience to share their experience, strength and hope as it relates to that weeks’ Parsha. Different members of the clergy are invited to attend, bringing a savory spiritual flavor to the evening.  Interspersed with Shabbos song and Zemirot, the evening is transformed into a fusion of Jewish values, heritage and traditions united in the culture of recovery, a moving experience for all.

Many children celebrate weekly with their parents, who now sober, are invested in sharing their new lifestyle, adding to the vibrancy of events. Over the years current and past residents of Jewish Recovery Center’s Recovery House have chosen to remain, settling in the neighborhood and raising their families. This group of Jews dedicated to, and successful in their sobriety, form a vital network of support and warmth, unique to our program.


Through our programs we maintain a strong presence in South Florida’s Jewish recovery community offering all a chance to experience the fusion of Jewish values, heritage, traditions and culture within the 12-step programs of recovery. JRC’s regularly scheduled activities, events  and workshops, brings Torah and fellowship to Jews in recovery with continuing support and fellowship.

  • Holiday and Shabbos dinners
  • Lecture Series by world renown spiritual leaders
  • Spiritual Retreats for the Jewish recovery community
  • Support groups for alumni and parents
  • Group outings for sports and cultural events

Our continuing goal is to provide Jewish alcoholics and addicts a welcoming and confidential  environment in which they can pursue their recovery and benefit from spiritual fellowship and camaraderie.